Preview: Eurovision Song Contest 2018 (Grand Final)

© Thomas Hanses

Having originally said I wouldn’t blog about the Eurovision final, I decided that I’d do a quick post to put together all my previews into the Grand Final running order. These are unedited from my semi-final blogs, so they might include things like predictions of qualification (or otherwise!) that are no longer relevant. But hopefully it’ll be a useful guide/cheat sheet for some of you for the final!

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Preview: Eurovision Song Contest 2018 (Semi-final 2)

Hungary’s AWS in rehearsal © Thomas Hanses

Welcome back to this year’s Eurovision semi-final blogs! There were a few shocks in the first semi-final, eh? Azerbaijan, Belgium and Greece not qualifying. Albania and Ireland going through (both of which I’m delighted at, by the way). So who knows what surprises semi-final two might bring tonight? In this blog I’ll take you through the contestants so you at least have an idea of what might be in store for your audio and visual pleasure (or otherwise).

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Preview: Eurovision Song Contest 2018 (Semi-final 1)


As Andy Williams once sang: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” Yes folks, it’s Eurovision time! This year I’m even more beside myself than usual because I somehow fell in to following the national song announcements and have also been keeping one eye on the rehearsals over the past week. I even wangled my way into a press event in London on behalf of another website I write for and chatted with a few of the contestants, which was weird but wonderful. Continue reading

Preview: Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (Semi-final 2)

EurovisionStageKiev2017So here we are again. I hope you’ve adequately recovered from the triumphs, trials and tribulations of the first semi-final. Personally I’m still getting over the loss of Finland (one of my favourites this year) and Montenegro (how on earth did Slavko – basically Eurovision in human form – not go through?!). But rather than dwelling on the sadnesses of semi-final 1 I’m reminding myself that we have Azerbaijani man-horse-stepladder to look forward to again on Saturday, along with lovely Salvador from Portugal. So it’s onwards to my preview of what to look out for during semi-final 2! Continue reading

Preview: Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (Semi-final 1)


Guys. GUYS. It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we willingly sit around the TV watching a baffling array of singers we’ve never heard of performing songs we’d never normally listen to, followed by several hours of voting during which endless countries lay bare their astonishingly bad taste in music, or their neighbourly affiliations, or their political hostilities… or all of the above. It’s Eurovision Song Contest time! And I for one could not be more excited! Continue reading

Review: Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (Semi-final 2)

© JessicaGow/AFP/Getty
© JessicaGow/AFP/Getty

Spurred on by my blog receiving its first ever visits from readers in the Czech Republic, Croatia and Armenia (and The Gambia!?) after Semi-final number 1, I’m back with a round-up of Semi-final number 2! I found Tuesday’s first semi a bit underwhelming, finding it tricky to pick even 10 out of the 18 songs that I thought deserved to qualify. I guessed that Moldova, Croatia, the Netherlands, Armenia, Russia, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Iceland, Malta and Bosnia would qualify. Of my picks, 7/10 made the cut, with Moldova, Iceland and Bosnia losing out to Hungary, Austria and the Czech Republic. Anyway, based on Tuesday’s slightly disappointing offerings, I had high hopes that the songs drawn in Thursday’s semi-final would bring a bit more interest, musical flair and, ideally, hilarity to the proceedings…

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Review: Eurovision Song Contest 2016 (Semi-final 1)

Eurovision_Song_Contest_2016_logo-sm-blCan you believe it’s already been a year since the last Eurovision Song Contest? Some would say it’s come around again far too quickly, but not me. I LOVE it. Even the awful stuff. Especially the awful stuff. Eurovision would be on twice a year if I was in charge. This year’s Contest is taking place in Stockholm after Måns Zelmerlöw stormed to victory for Sweden last year with the absolute corker Heroes, and this blog provides a sideways glance at the songs featured in the first semi-final.

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