Review: The Majority (National Theatre)

130 Rob Drummond in The Majority at the National Theatre (c) Ellie Kurttz
© Ellie Kurttz

SheSeesStars: ★★★★☆

If you’ve ever wondered whether the typical National Theatre audience is mainly comprised of liberal white Remain voters, wonder no more. The first few minutes of the press night for The Majority emphatically confirmed this to be the case. That tangential bombshell aside, The Majority is less clichéd than its National press night crowd. Rob Drummond’s new show is less a play and more a piece of storytelling with added participatory morality.

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Review: Gangsta Granny (Garrick Theatre)

© Mark Douet

SheSeesStars: ★★★★☆

Gangsta Granny, Birmingham Stage Company’s production of David Walliams’ bestselling children’s book, has arrived in the West End. Suitable for kids aged 5 and over, the show is a perfect antidote to cries of ‘Grannies are boring!’.

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Review: Brexodus! The Musical (The Other Palace, Studio)

Brexodus! The Musical, Paul Croft as Nigel Farage, and Scott Jones, James Sanderson, Arlei Scott and Mike Durran as The Other 50% small
© David Shirreff

SheSeesStars: ★★☆☆☆

You’d have to have been living under a rock for the past couple of years to have missed Brexit. It was inevitable that it would eventually lead to productions such as Brexodus! The Musical. Although clearly one of the most serious political issues of our time, Lord knows there’s plenty of scope for humour and satire about Brexit…

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Review: iAm 4.0 (Playground Theatre)

iAm-4.0-logoed-212x300SheSeesStars: ★★★☆☆

Based barely a mile from Grenfell Tower, scene of the devastating fire on 14 June, the award-winning charity SPID Theatre held a benefit event on 9 July including a performance of their latest show iAm 4.0. Specialised in immersive and participatory community theatre, with this show SPID have developed a thought-provoking hour in which the audience take a certain amount of control. Continue reading

Review: Terror (Lyric Hammersmith)

Terror Kenton
© Tristram Kenton

SheSeesStars: ★★★★☆

With searingly topical timing, summer 2017 sees the Lyric Hammersmith presenting the UK premiere of Terror, a tense courtroom drama by German lawyer and writer Ferdinand von Schirach which has become something of a worldwide hit. The premise is simple enough: a trial is undertaken on stage and the whole audience is the jury, voting after all the evidence has been presented.

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Preview: Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (Semi-final 2)

EurovisionStageKiev2017So here we are again. I hope you’ve adequately recovered from the triumphs, trials and tribulations of the first semi-final. Personally I’m still getting over the loss of Finland (one of my favourites this year) and Montenegro (how on earth did Slavko – basically Eurovision in human form – not go through?!). But rather than dwelling on the sadnesses of semi-final 1 I’m reminding myself that we have Azerbaijani man-horse-stepladder to look forward to again on Saturday, along with lovely Salvador from Portugal. So it’s onwards to my preview of what to look out for during semi-final 2! Continue reading

Preview: Eurovision Song Contest 2017 (Semi-final 1)


Guys. GUYS. It’s that time of year again. The time of year when we willingly sit around the TV watching a baffling array of singers we’ve never heard of performing songs we’d never normally listen to, followed by several hours of voting during which endless countries lay bare their astonishingly bad taste in music, or their neighbourly affiliations, or their political hostilities… or all of the above. It’s Eurovision Song Contest time! And I for one could not be more excited! Continue reading