Review: X (Royal Court)


SheSeesStars: X X X O O

I’m not generally into sci-fi, but I do like to dip my toe into space now and then. My interest has been bolstered in recent months and years by things like the occasional series of Stargazing Live on BBC2 (no, I don’t fancy Professor Brian Cox) and the fact the UK currently has an actual real-life astronaut on the International Space Station in the form of the super-cool Tim Peake. This all meant that Alistair McDowall’s new play X, set on a research base on Pluto,  was intriguing enough to me to make it worth a visit.

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Predictions for the 2016 Oliviers

Oliviers2016This time last year, I was sipping champagne on the Royal Opera House outdoor terrace prior to perching (literally) on my high-chair seat to enjoy the 2015 Oliviers ceremony. This year, unfortunately, having not had the same privilege of being a panellist for the Awards, I am instead lounging on my sofa and have to wait, like the majority of the theatre-loving world, to watch the highlights on TV later tonight. However, a fellow 2015 panellist and I couldn’t quite resist the temptation to rustle up our own predictions for who will win this year’s Awards…

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